Orlando Tech Association

Orlando Tech Association
101 S. Garland Avenue, Suite 301
Orlando, FL 32801

Executive Director: Diane Court
T 407.694.3259
E diane@orlandotech.org

Orlando Tech is a community-built organization that connects, promotes and fosters the growth of technology companies in Orlando. With so much activity in and around the tech industry in Orlando, it makes sense that members of the tech community should take an active role in supporting growing companies and promoting regional activity. That is the primary purpose of Orlando Tech. Connecting technology companies across the region through events, news, and an active network of individuals working to support industry growth.

Orlando Tech is a welcoming environment that, with a vibrant and creative culture, attracts talent and supports innovation. The City of Orlando’s Main Street program has resulted in stronger connections within their local communities. Greater awareness of neighborhood businesses, increased support for creative efforts, the development of neighborhood-specific events, and a greater awareness of Orlando’s diverse culture. In addition to Tech Week, Orlando Tech organizes Tech Meetups; which have grown to be the largest startup and tech focused meetup in the Southeast. These monthly gatherings give our local entrepreneurs an opportunity to demo their product to a live audience and get important feedback.