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It is the small businesses in our Orlando Main Streets that makes our City such a great place to live. The Orlando Main Streets create, define and strengthen our existing neighborhoods. They focus on enhancing assets such as distinctive architecture, a pedestrian-friendly environment, personal service, local ownership and a sense of community . Walk or bike down any of our Main Streets and you can feel the vibrancy.
- Buddy Dyer, Mayor

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Entrepreneur…the word has always sounded so romantic to me. Dictionary.com lists the definition as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” It is a French word that literally means to undertake. To me, it congers up notions of freedom, pride, self-assurance and achievement…but why wouldn’t it?

As today is Throw Back Thursday, allow me to reminisce a bit. You see, I am the daughter of a serial entrepreneur. My father was a dreamer…yes, that’s where I get it from. He ventured into many different entrepreneurial risks in his day. At some point in time, my parents added onto our home at 33 Main Street (yes, I was born on Main Street). It was built into a hill, so the basement was at street level, and it was located right downtown, across from all the shops. So, he put a storefront in our basement and launched his businesses, one after the other: a gun shop, an antique store and his last venture, Amy’s Restaurant…named for my mother, because she made all the pies. My parents ran the restaurant underneath our home. I grew up visiting them, playing in the restaurant, and though I don’t remember, I am told my dad put Chubby Checker’s The Twist on the jukebox and placed me on the counter while he and I twisted to entertain the customers. I was only 2 or 3 and don’t remember any of it…but that song.  Continue reading Entrepreneurs